KSIAtea 2020


The KSIAtea programme aims to help companies and initiatives in the cultural and creative industries sector to establish their policies for opening up to new markets and customers in the context of internationalisation.

KSIAtea addresses the preparation of diagnoses and internationalisation plans with the aim of providing access to the internationalisation programmes and initiatives already established for Basque companies in general.

Also, through the aid platform for these companies, it will suggest recommendations for improvements in the inclusion of Basque ICC companies in public policies to support the external promotion of the Basque Autonomous Community.

Bases of the call


The KSIAtea programme is developed along three specialised and complementary lines of action. In short, three lines of work to adapt to the different approaches and situations of the companies in the cultural and creative industries sector.

Line 1:

The first line is to provide to companies a tailored diagnosis that enables them to known what situation they are currently in with regard to the possibility of their internationalisation. This is a critical element as many companies in this sector have doubts about the possibility, and even about the convenience, of a continued activity in foreign markets. Knowing where they are and what the biggest difficulties and problems are, is in itself a broad improvement factor for participating companies.

Line 2:

The second line consists of helping companies which, having been diagnosed with an adequate potential for internationalisation, wish to prepare a tailored plan that may even be submitted to specific calls for proposals awarding grants and services for entrepreneurship or for continuing along the path abroad that opens up before them.

Line 3:

The third line consists of providing information so that management and technical staff at companies can gain knowledge that can help them advance along the international path without risk; training that can be either in person or virtual, with enough scope so that each company can create the training scheme that best suits them.